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Ultimate Perfect Wade > Deposit to Schedule Saddle

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Includes: ProTecTOR Pad ($290.00), Matching Western Breast Collar ($199.00), 4" Flank Cinch and Billet w/ hoof pick ($140.00), and Bucking Rolls ($199.00).

Wades are sold as a wade only because of the Wade style fork and post horn which has nothing to do with the tree they are put on. The Perfect Wade is less in length, less in weight, and is closer contact because its built on Len's futurity cutter bars from 1997. They were designed with good No-Pinch Twist, a narrow waist to the seat and a centered riding position. The 7.5" gullet stops the pinch because the bars are twisted to open the gullet. As they are twisted the bottom of the bars are brought together to narrow the bars at the bottom in front by doing this your primary contact is at the lower half the bars on the upper rib cage below the wither to prevent pinch. We have therefore straightened the tree more than can be accomplished by any other method. This prevents the problem of rocking off the center of the back while riding which is the problem with other saddles in the marketplace. The double layered skirt cups the ends of the bars and leaves you with a single layer center to feel your horse. The rigging is dropped for extra hold and is a 3/4" rig. To accommodate different horses, the front slot is there hold the saddle back and the rear slot is to pull the saddle forward. 90% of the time you are working off of the center slot only, that holds the saddle down firmly, front to rear. No lumps, No bumps, and No bulk in the rigging.

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