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Turn-n-Burn ProTecTOR w/Balance Shims (includes liner pad)

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Includes: ProTecTOR patented system and Front and Rear Balance SHIMS. This is one of the Barrel Racer's favorite Pad! The Turn & Burn is only 27" at top center & 29" at the wearleather. It is great for 24" & shorter saddles. If your saddle is longer, the Turn & Burn is now available in a 29/31 size for 24 & up to 26" square skirted Barrel Saddles. Many Barrel racers have made my F/B page: "Barrel Racing to Win",  more enjoyable to maintain, so the T&Burn is available again.  The Turn&Burn is made like a close-contact small Reiner ProTecTOR pad. Optional: An 1/8" thick Wool Liner Pad that attaches to the top center of any Protector Pad in this store. It is a black wool felt and extremely dense & smooth.  The ProTecTOR is only a soft 5/8" thick + 1/10" thick for the protective shields. Call Len with any questions , 816 806 4742