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Roper ProTecTOR Pad with Balance Shims (includes liner pad)

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The 2018 Roper ProTecTOR is the patented CorrecTOR WEIGHT DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM made into a single unit saddlepad. It comes with 6 front and 4 rear 1/4" balance shims. The front shims go in the front pockets and the rear shims go in the rear pockets. The shims are not moved around for saddle-fit. The protective shields takes care of that. The shims are used for balancing the you, the rider. The only thing you have to do is to try them and see how many put you in a better position to Rope.

We use an oiled tanned & durable wearleather. The ProTecTOR has high quality U.S. made polyester fleece on the bottom like you see on a well made saddle. It's known to last for 10 years without the WOOL LINER PAD that is included with your Roper Protector.

The 2018 Roper ProTecTOR has heavy fleece, 1 layer of 1/4" polyester felt, a 2nd layer or 1/4" felt that is cut out to recess the the 1/10" thick plastic shields, that are pre-molded to a horse-shape where they're supposed to ride.

Next, there is an 1/8" layer of felt that rides over the shields and last is a thin & tough Auto upholstery material top layer. It's smooth but does not let your saddle slide like felt does. The 1/8" Wool Liner pad is under all on the horse. You are riding on a 3/4" thick Pad + fleece

Works for 14" - 16" saddles. Great for short-backed horses. There is a 2" wide open channel down the center of the pad under the 12oz. leather you see holding it together on the top. This should prevent the problem of braided rear skirts rubbing your horse's spine.

Size Chart: 30/32 for Roping saddles with skirts 26" or shorter. 32/34 for Roping saddles with skirts longer than 26".


I try to keep the Roper Pads in stock, if not I build and ship in a week.


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