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Set of 10 Western Front & Rear Balance Shims

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10 Front & Rear Shims for Western Protectors. Velcro for holding shims together is hand sewn. Each shim is marked ON Side or OFF side, 1, 2, 3 with a positioning line. Front shims are used all the way forward; Rear shims are used all the way back. Just choose how many make you feel the best when riding. They are not for fitting the horse. Set includes 6 front Balance shims + 4 rear shims. Necessary for saddles with too much curve and flare to the bars. Great for low withered horses or Mules and any straight backed Equine. Used like wedges under a rocking chair, 4 front & 4 rear they make room for your animal to lift it's back without being sored by the center of the tree bars. It's necessary to get the Sock or an Envelope Pad to hold the shims in place. They are included with all Protectors when ordering.

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