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Includes: Turn n Burn ProTecTOR Pad and Grip Barrel Stirrups. Before or after ordering Call Len Brown to get: The size to fit you, horn type, saddle & seat leather color & type, or other options.

The initial 50% DEPOSIT PRICE SHOWN, Call Len to spec-out your saddle & be fitted for the seat size, 816 806 4742

An English tree with a western fork. The Pocket is 22" long for the 13" Racer. It is comfortable, secure, and you feel your horse like you're riding a treeless. Let's the horse move better than the typical saddle. It stays on the horse like glue with the 3-point in-the-flap adjustable rigging. The double layered skirt cups the ends of the bars and leaves you with a single layer center to feel your horse. The forward curve in the center of the fork moves the horn forward an 1 1/2" from the rider this giving the rider more leverage when using the horn and more room when riding at speed. The optional matching ProTecTOR pad that has the western shields in front and the English shields in the rear. Everyone that tries it watches their horse run faster than it has ever before.