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The Positioner

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This device is to hold the saddle back in a downhill or on riding on the flat. You will find it makes your horse to work off the hindquarters. Collection is natural and immediate & the horse will be lighter on the bit. This is how the Spanish Riding School does their training. A Britchen loosens in the downhill, where any crupper tightens some in the downhill. If you were to tighten a traditional crupper enough to hold a saddle back of the shoulders in the downhill, it is then too tight when riding on the flat. The animal can't take solid hits on it's tail every stride & Bucking is the result. This leaves the horseman with nothing that really works to position a saddle in the downhill or riding on the flat. Understanding this problem I decided to solve it. The 3 layers of 3 inch wide ELASTIC webbing in my Crupper never puts a hard hit on the tail. There are 10" of adjustment with a 3" leather strap and buckle. The horse’s croup is protected from movement by a smooth leather sleeve and sheepskin under the buckle. The molded leather tailpiece flax seed filled. Attachment has been strengthened with 2 hinged small brass Clasps that are riveted on via solid copper rivets. I will do new photos of the tailpiece attachments soon.