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Western Never-Tight™ XXXX Cinch

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SPRING SPECIAL! We want more performance horse people to experience our great Never-Tight™ XXXX cinch.

This ULTIMATE Girth made to let your horse breathe, but stabilize the saddle better than possible with any Cinch. Length is measure on the inside of the girth from end to end.  Put a tape measure on your horse (side to side) to determine the size you want. The 4X has a molded Aircraft Interior Plastic core that has the flare of a horse's barrel. The skirting outer and oiled latigo leather lining makes it thin and smooth with a very long life. The stainless steel cinch buckle is held from side to side with seat belt webbing. The webbing runs from one side to the other. Great for Barrel Racing, Roping, and Cutters are loving them. Since this Cinch is shaped like a horse you have to girth with a Latigo Strap on both sides. Just like cowboys did for hundreds of years before the cost saving Off-Billet was made the norm for early Rodeo. Comes with an offside latigo and cinch holder.