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Spine Relief ProTecTOR Pad (includes 1/2" thick liner pad)

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Some Mules, Walking Horse and standardbreds have a very exposed backbone. If the back is A-Shape and the spinous process stick up you need a full channel the STOPS PINCHING AND RUBBING on the SPINE. THE ELASTIC WEBBING CONNECTOR AT THE FRONT KEEPS THE THICK PAD FROM PINCHING THE WITHERS. WITHOUT THOSE 3 LAYERS OF ELASTIC IT WOULD PINCH LIKE ANY OTHER THICK PAD. THE OPEN CHANNEL IS 3 INCHES WIDE.  Due to the enter channel wanting to close when you put it on your animal, the channel is hand-cut at an angle to retain that width while on your animal. THIS PAD IS 3/4 inch THICK + the 1/2" THICK LINER PAD. That thickness is what keeps the saddle above the spine.  CALL LEN TO ORDER A SQUARE VERSION OF THIS PAD. 816 806 4742 


It takes 1 WEEK to make your custom SPINE RELIEF  ProTecTOR pad.

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