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Futurity Cutter (Full Carved)

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Includes: Natural Leather, Protector® Pad, and Flank cinch.

Futurity Cutter is a tree Len developed in 1997 for futurity cutter horses. Short, wide, & straight. The 8" gullet gets a hold of the futurity cutting horse stud like no other saddle can. No-Pinch Twist™ Bars let you use it on any horse. Your 16" & 17" will have the length you see here. The skirts are Bareback Cut™ with no skirting leather under your thighs. The Bareback Cut™ is an oval football size cut at the edge of the thin bars, it has 2 1/2 ounce oiled tanned leather on the bark tanned sheepskin of the skirts. This is only possible with free swinging stirrup strap mounted on 2 1/2" loops. These loops are slanted forward to give you leg position like no other cutting saddle.

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