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English Dressage ProTecTOR Pad with Balance Shims

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The English ProTecTOR PAD is a single unit with the protective shields built in. The ProTecTOR is made with an 1/8" layer of black felt on top, a soft 1/4" Hollowfill spacer material under the Protective shields area only, then an 1/8" of wool water resistant felt on horse. The side of the Pad may be trimmed to fit a jumping saddle's flap or just use a quilted riding cloth over it for showing if you like. You can choose the 24" Long Std. or 26" long Large sizes Balance shims are used to adjust rider's balance, let the horse round its back more easily, or correct the onesidedness of a horse. They eliminate the need for re-stuffing which many riders don't realize is only capable of re-balancing the rider. To literally fit a horse an English saddle requires new leather patterns for the completely reshaped stuffed panels needed to really change the saddle. This requires major dis-assembly and rebuilding of the saddle. {It's cheaper to buy a new saddle.}