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English Dressage ProTecTOR™ (includes 1/8 inch WOOL liner pad)

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Not a saddle pad but the only Patented weight distributing system in a Pad. It uses 2 protective shields in front, 2 in the rear. They are made of Aircraft interior plastic that is 1/10th inch thick. Slots are cut in the shields before they are molded to the shape of a horse's back where each is designed to work. The front shields are a flexible lever that position your saddle back of the shoulders as they protect them. Weight is distributed over a large area at the same time. Eight balance shims 1/4" thick come with each UNIT. The Dressage PROTECTOR has two 1/8" layers of felt & an 1/8" removable wool liner pad. Total thickness is 3/8 inch. NO WASHING OF THE PROTECTOR IS REQUIRED WITH THE EASY TO CLEAN LINER. Now you can stop pressure points, balance yourself as needed and improve your horsemanship beyond what a saddle is capable of.