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Cowboy Dressage

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Includes: ProTecTOR Pad, Tooling shown in picture

The New COWBOY DRESSAGE saddle shown is a 16" seat size and only weighs 25lbs. At 25" long it is shorter than a barrel saddle. The old time Chuck Shepard fork was widened to an 7" gullet it sets on english bars and cantle that Len developed for his Premier dressage saddle 20 years ago. You don't see a Cheyenne roll cantle because it's not a western cantle or western seat, it is better. The double layered skirt cups the ends of the bars and leaves you with a single layer center then with the bareback-cut (1 layer of seat leather over sheepskin in a cut out area under your thigh) to feel your horse. This is only possible with the recessed loop for the stirrup strap giving you free swing and no stirrup strap bump for the horse. The 2.5" stirrup strap hangs from a recessed and polished loop leaving you with no stirrup strap bump under the bar. The Special ProTecTOR pad made for this saddle is a 30"/32" that measures 30" at the top front to rear. The 3 point rigging slots, you see below the BAREBACK CUT-OUT IN THE SKIRT, allow you to adjust where the saddle rides on your horse. The latigo is attached in the center slot, insert the last wrap of your latigo in the front slot to hold your saddle back. Put it in the rear slot to pull it forward. It's close contact, no big steel bars or plates & Dees. It's 2 layers of Light Skirting with Rawhide in between them. Close and no bumps with a special made nylon latigos. Call Len Brown for questions about the seat size to fit you, horn types, and other options not listed here to get your saddle custom for you.

Call Len to spec-out your saddle & be fitted for the seat size, 816 806 4742


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