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Contoured 2018 PROTECTOR with WOOL LINER & SHIMS

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The 2018 contoured pad swoops up more in the rear and has a larger wearleather with a special cut. This pad has 3 layers of 3" wide wither-relief elastic in front.The wearleather is a soft but durable oiled tanned leather that's sewn at the top and not at the bottom. This makes a softer pad and lets you feel your horse better than the previous heavy wearleather sewn top and bottom. The 2018 PROTECTOR shields are inlaid into a layer of 1/8" felt for a thinner smoother pad. Nylon netting covers the top of the shields and the pad has a soft fleece bottom. Total pad thickness is 3/8", A smooth & dense 1/8" wool felt liner pad is included. It is cut exactly like the Protector & is easy to remove & wash. NEVER WASH YOUR PAD AGAIN.

Some sizes are in stock. If not, I make & ship your Pad in 5 days.


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