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Includes: Border tooling, ProTecTOR Pad, Strings, and 4" matching Flank Cinch.

The Bull Derm is a saddle style of old. The name is a take-off of an extremely popular very old roll your own cigarette tobacco. Bull Moose is a common name for the wide undercut swell fork. It's a fork made to keep you in the saddle. The similarities to saddles of old don't end there. The skirts are kept short. A 17" saddle is normally 29" long or more. This 17" Bull Derm is only 26" long. The seat has 3/8" neoprene foam under the leather. It is made on a layer of skirting leather that was molded to the seat of this tree. Then the foam followed by the seat leather and last the seat Jockeys or Seat skirts are glued to the edges of the above. Then the assembled seat is removed and sewn by machine to make it a unit. No one makes saddles this way. I developed this time consuming method during my Ortho-Flex years. It makes a saddle that is more comfortable and lasts a lifetime. Call Len Brown for questions about seat size, horn type, or other custom options not listed here like tooling etc.

The initial 50% DEPOSIT PRICE SHOWN, Call Len to spec-out your saddle & be fitted for the seat size, 816 806 4742