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Black Bison Wade> Deposit to Schedule Saddle

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Includes: PROTECTOR pad, and Strings

Call Len Brown for questions on seat size, tooling options,e. Either is available in 15, 16, & 17 inch sizes in the Order box below. PLACE your initial 50% DEPOSIT HERE TO ORDER & CALL LEN TO SPEC-OUT YOUR WADE and GET IT SIZED TO FIT YOU.

Gives you a center seat for a balanced ride. The bar has a full twist in the bar that lets a cutting horse move on its hindquarters and gets a hold of the horse in the front. This is a strong working Wade that is the most comfortable you can buy. The latigo braid holding the Rigging rings on are a work of art. The latigo braid runs through the double layered skirt and a layer of rawhide in-between. Stirrup leathers are unique with a completely comfortable fender design. There is 3/8" neoprene foam in the inlaid seat. Weight: 32lbs.