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Shorty Low Dally Roper

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Includes: ProTecTOR Pad, Tooling as pictured, No Slip Crooked Stirrups, & a Flank cinch. 8" Gullet width & your choice of horn.

  The fork from the Clay Cooper roper saddle I made from 1995 to 2001. It was the first saddle Clay put his name on. This curved fork gives you a great swell to lean against while throwing that loop. This is the shortest Roping saddle I make.  The horn is placed forward, the seat is flat, it easy to get foward and stay there. The close contact bars create a NARROW WAIST IN THE SEAT, and are from my futurity cutter tree pictured on a 3yr old stallion. The bars are the tree, I just changed the fork and cantle. The DM8 horn is is pictured here & also used on the Low Down Roper. Your choice of horns is on the BLACK MESA Saddle Tree page of the website.  “The shorter the saddle, the easier it is to saddle any horse.” Call me to SPEC-OUT your saddle & get fitted for the right seat size to fit you.I appreciate your confidence in my ability to build the best saddle for you & your horses that you have ever owned. Regards, Len Brown