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Half Breed Patriot

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Includes: ProTecTOR Pad, Border Tooling, and 00 horn. May be ordered with no horn or a WADE POST, the # 34 modifed Pelican horn, etc. Call Len to get yours modified. 816 806 4742

Half Breed Patriot has a slick fork from the Ortho-Flex Caliente model. It is 7 1/4" gullet wide and has the same English bars and cantle like the regular Patriot and Cowboy Dressage. Rigging is 3-position western on an under flap. This gives you an in-flap rigging like the Ortho-Flex Dressage models and the English mono-flap saddles of today but better.(The flap just off the seat takes some riding, stretching, and breaking in which is normal for many saddles of this type.) The bottom of the tree is covered with a black suede split leather which adheres to the pad quite nicely. Like the Patriot it is the flap that holds your saddle to the horse for the ultimate close contact.

Call Len to spec-out your saddle & be fitted for the seat size, 816 806 4742