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Butterfly Barrel Saddle

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Take my Futurity Cutter Bars, add more Cantle Height and a Barrel Racing Fork, that is the Tree for this unique saddle. It is designed like a small Reining Saddle. It has the soft spot right off the bars where the saddle skirting is cut away, call ' THE BARE-BACK CUT". Just like my Cowboy Dressage, it gives you the ultimate contact to your horse. At 22.4 lbs, this 14" saddle is 22.5 inches long for a short & light package. It comes withe the TURN&BURN PROTECTOR PAD + tooling as Pictured below.  Choose from Natural Skirting or Brown as shown. Jeremiah Watt Stainless CATHEDRAL Conchos, a 4" Flank Cinch with 1.5" buckles & billets. The 2 slots are cut in two layers of skirting with Rawhide in between for a close contact smooth rigging that you & your horse  never feel. The horn show is the OD-5. Call Len to be sized for your BUTTERFLY BARREL. > 816 806 4742  THANK YOU, Len Brown  Sizes & other detail are handled by Len Brown

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