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 This Full sized LDR comes with Dropped Rigging Plate, Diamond Cut Tooling & Roughout seat plus the Stitched Half Seat as pictured. Skirt for a 14.5 or 15 is 27" long. You can add or subtract as you go up or down from there. (26 to 28 are the long & short of the LDR skirts.)  Available in 14, 14.5,15,15.5 16 inch finished seat sizes with Industry Std. Skirt lengths.  Trees are made a 1/2 inch larger to get the finished seat size shown. Len's BLACK MESA TREES, the only roping trees with full twist bars. The LDR has a center ride seat and a 7.75" wide gullet with a thick fiberglass built in ground seat & lifetime guarantee. As these bars twist the gullet opens, foot of bars close, wither pinch stops & bars gel a hold on round backs down low. Stirrups straps are well under the rider with Len's exclusive TRAPEZOID LOOP HANGERS. When you get to throw a Loop your toes go down & legs go back to keep you there. Recovery is effortless with your legs under you.

The Low-Down Roper saddle is cut from HERMANN OAK SKIRTING and comes with the> a Roper PROTECTOR pad, 6 inch SMART FLANK, & NATURAL FIT BREAST COLLAR with 1" STRAPS. Your initial 50% Deposit starts the Order on your L D Roper.  Call me @ 816 806 4742 TO SPEC-OUT YOUR SADDLE & get it sized to fit you. I appreciate your confidence in my ability to build the best saddle for you & your horses that you've ever owned. Regards, Len Brown