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Aussie Western ProTecTOR Pad with Balance Shims & Wool Liner Pad

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Standard or Large Aussie Western ProTecTOR is 38" wide. The Std. size is 28" L. The Large is 30" Long. One layer of fleece, a layer of 1/4" felt, the 1/10" Aircraft Plastic Shields, another 1/8" felt layer is the makeup of this Pad. An 1/8" WOOL FELT LINER PAD IS INCLUDED so no washing of the PROTECTOR IS NEEDED.
Same ProTecTOR we use with our Patriot saddle. Measure your saddle's length and get the Protector that is 5 to 6 inches longer than your saddle's bars or skirts.
For Aussie saddles  with Serged Panels, I'd recommend the English Aussie. This Western has larger protective shields. It is very versatile to use with saddles such as the Tucker and other Troopers as well as Aussie
Half-Breeds or any Endurance English style saddle.

Balance shims are use to adjust rider's balance, let the horse round its back more easily, or correct the one-sidedness of a horse. The 1/4" thick set of 6 front & 4 rear Shims are used like wedges under a Rocking chair, to balance the saddle, allowing  for a balanced rider. They eliminate the need for re-stuffing which many riders don't realize is only capable of re-balancing the rider, Not "FITTING" the horse.